Árverés 90 Bt. - arverezohaz@bedo.hu
1027 Budapest, Szász Károly utca 6. fszt. 2. (36-os kapucsengõ)
Tel: +36/70/611-0133

Árverés 90 Bt. (Árverés 90 Ltd. Partnership) – Auctioneer organizes holds and conducts a mail auction on behalf of the participants of the auction. The participant (buyer) on the auction with her/his written bidding acknowledges and accepts the terms and conditions of the auction and that she/he will never be able to plead that they are unacquainted with these conditions of sale or their current use.

The description of the posters to be auctioned should include, where relevant, the artist’s name, the motto/title, the printer’s name, the year of design, the format (width x height in cms), references and whether the poster is framed and/or backed. Naturally, the bidder should make his/her own assessment regarding the condition of the posters by attending the viewing days.

The buyer on the auction (bidder) may make a bid by phone (+36-20-3894130), e-mail (arverezohaz@bedo.hu), fax +36-1-2016694) or by post. From unknown for the auctioneer bidders or buyers we ask registration and guarantee. For mistakes in the commission the buyer holds every responsibility. The starting prices nominated in the catalogue are minimal prices in Hungarian Forint and we don’t accept bids below them. We kindly ask our buyers to follow the usual 5-10% (or multiple) increment while bidding. The item will be given to the bidder who offers the highest amount. The hammer price is the 2nd highest bid + 10%. In case of two or more offers of the same amount we will prefer the first bidder.

The auctioneer will act on behalf of prospective purchasers to try to purchase the desired item at the lowest possible price up to the limit indicated by purchaser as if the purchaser was present. The auctioneer cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions in this respect. The auctioneer reserves the right not to bid on behalf of a party if the written order is unclear, arrives late, or the purchaser’s credit is not established or for any other reason within his sole discretion. In the case of equal bids, the time of arrival determines priority. Buy bids are not accepted.

The purchase price is the hammer price + 20% premium. Payment: cash, bank transfer to the bank account of the Árverés 90 Bt.
(IBAN: HU29117420012990511700000000 - SWIFT: OTPVHUHB - OTP Bank) or postal (c.o.d.). An additional 6% charge will be made on all payment via PayPal.

Transportation’s and postal charges and their risks debit the buyer. The expenses for the mean of transportation (DHL, courier…), posting (registered, express, c.o. d.), insurance and export license are included in the invoice.

Deadline of payment: If there is no special agreement, in 10 days after the delivery of the invoice. Ownership belongs to the buyer only once full payment has been received. In case of delaying payment the interest charge is 2% every month. Expenses of legal processes and recovery debit the buyer.

Complaint: Each item is guaranteed according to the description. Any complaints regarding the description or the quality of the item must be notified in case of personal delivery immediately, in case of postal (c.o.d.) delivery in 10 days after the delivery. The rightful complaint will be accepted, the complainted items must be returned in the transported or delivered state. All the possible expenses around doubts of originality will be payed by the buyer. The 10 days rule on complaint deadline must be considered strictly.

Viewing days
Pest-Budai Árverezőház - Hungary 1027 Budapest, Szász Károly utca 6. fszt. 2.
1. Sept. 2023 - 15. Sept 2023.

End of auction
15. Sept. 2023 - 5.00 pm